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DSD Recruitment provides highly professional talent sourcing services for open positions and has successfully collaborated with companies to deliver quality candidates who precisely meet the job requirements.

We source a diverse range of candidates from platforms such as LinkedIn and CV sites, aligning with the client’s specific needs. Sourcing the right talent not only reduces recruitment time but also saves the cost of hiring. It increases the strength of the company by selecting quality talent for the open position.

Our team possesses the necessary abilities, skills, and extensive experience in utilizing various sourcing techniques, including Boolean search, X-ray, and Wildcard. At DSD Recruitment, our team meticulously screens every candidate to ensure the creation of a diverse and highly qualified talent pool.

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The Recruitment Engine for Goal-driven HR Management

The Recruitment Engine for Goal-driven HR Management is a dynamic system that efficiently identifies, attracts, and selects top talent, enabling organizations to build high-performing teams and achieve strategic objectives effectively.

Talent Sourcing Outsourcing for Focused Business Growth

Outsourcing talent sourcing help companies focus on their core business and leave the recruitment process to its experts. Moreover, it ensures that companies have access to a pool of diverse and qualified candidates interested in working for their organization. Each organization should develop its sourcing according to its own needs and requirements.

Identification of Talent Requirements Based on Growth Needs​

The first step of talent sourcing is to identify the requirements of a company; these requirements include experience, knowledge, and understanding of professional skills for specific positions. Organizations need talent that fits with and fulfils the needs of your business.

Write a Job Description with your Talent Needs in Mind

It is one of the easy ways to source talent that match organizational needs.
Organizations should create clear and standard job descriptions for every position within a company. A good report includes:

  • Expectations
  • Skills requirements
  • Soft skills

Create an Ideal Candidate Profile

Create a detailed profile of your ideal candidate according to your requirements. What and how much work experience are you looking for? What specific skills are needed for the job, and which are preferred? What is the salary package? Workplace flexibility? Personality traits, etc.
Connect personally with your leads: We may involve additional interviews, technical assessments, or other selection methods. After identifying true talent, there should be a clear strategy to approach and engage with potential candidates.
Candidate shortlisting: The sourcing team will shortlist the most qualified and potential candidates based on the evaluation process.

Offering Positions to Top Candidates

After an interview, you will offer the position to the top and most suitable candidate, discuss the particulars of the employment contract, and ultimately hire them.

On-boarding: The final stage of the talent sourcing process leads to onboarding new employees.


Here are six ways to get talent sourcing done:

  • Social Networks
  • Job Boards
  • Employee Referrals
  • Software
  • Job Fairs
  • Passive Candidates

Talent sourcing requires proactive struggles to identify and engage with candidates. Talent sourcing improves the overall quality of hires.

Advantages of Talent Sourcing

Access to Passive Candidates
Talent sourcing enables recruiters to reach out to passive candidates who may not be actively searching for jobs but possess the desired skills and experience.
Targeted Candidate Search
With talent sourcing, recruiters can specifically target candidates with specific qualifications, skills, and experience, ensuring a more precise and focused recruitment approach.
Increased Quality of Candidates
By actively sourcing talent, recruiters have the opportunity to evaluate and engage with candidates who are highly qualified and aligned with the organization's requirements, leading to higher-quality hires.
Expanded Talent Pool
Talent sourcing expands the reach beyond traditional job boards, allowing recruiters to tap into a larger and diverse pool of potential candidates, increasing the chances of finding the best fit for the position.
Faster Hiring Process
Talent sourcing reduces time-to-hire as recruiters proactively engage with potential candidates, shortening the recruitment cycle and ensuring a faster hiring process.
Stronger Employer Brand
By actively sourcing talent, organizations can showcase their commitment to finding top talent, which enhances their employer brand and helps attract high-quality candidates in the future.

How Talent Sourcing Works?

Identifies passive candidates for potential opportunities.

Targets specific qualifications for focused recruitment.

Enhances candidate quality through proactive engagement.

Expands talent pool and strengthens employer brand.